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Stephen Treseder - 3rd of September 2017 01:32 PM
In 1963 an excavation at Herod's fortress of Masada uncovered a jar of date palm seeds carbon dated between 165BC & 64AD. They lay in a drawer for 40 years. In 2005 an agriculture expert planted three. One germinated and is called Methusaleh.
Today it is 10ft tall & produced male pollen in 2011. Two more seeds have produced female flowers & the Judean palm, famed in the times of Jesus for its healing properties, will grow again in Israel. Our mighty God has indeed made all things well.
Stephen Horsfall - 3rd of June 2017 12:18 PM
YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! If you are willing to play either our Church organ or Electric piano, at some or all of our Church Services, please contact either Pastor Keith or Sue Stacey to find out more
Stephen Horsfall - 29th of May 2017 01:34 PM
June Newsletter now one Site.
Congratulations to Mary Nell now Hatherell on you marriage
steve - 8th of March 2017 04:46 PM
From Sue Stacey we know his grandfather but he no longer worships at our church.  If Liam would like to send me his email address and/or contact details I believe I can forward these on to his grandfather.
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Liam Johnstone - 14th of January 2017 02:04 AM
Hi I under stand my grandfather was or is part of ur church his name is David Johnstone he's married to Sandra I belive I am trying to get in contact with him and wonder if u can help me many thanks liam
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Angela Keay - 5th of December 2016 03:20 PM
Sorry, me again, but I wanted to say how nice it was to see the choir back in action at the service on 27 Nov. Not only a new Choir leader but a Co-Pastor to work with Pastor Keith. A long time waiting but God does things in his own time.
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Angela Keay - 5th of December 2016 03:03 PM
I have just read "Today's Topical Bible Study" which is entitled "3 Simple Ways to Bless the Socks off Your Pastor", which I recommend we all read. You will find it on
The piece urges us to show our appreciation of our Pastors and the hard work they do. So, let's tell Pastor Keith that we know how hard he works for his congregation and the wider community and that he is appreciated and touches our lives.
Stephen - 4th of December 2016 08:02 PM
Happy Christmass to all
Thanks for any post you care to put here
Maryse Chapuy - 23rd of November 2016 12:10 PM
Stephen Horsfall - 30th of August 2016 10:51 PM
If you are visiting this site, please tell us .
WE would love to here from you!
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