The Centro Abierto Moises


"What is given to children, the children give to society."
Karl A. Menninger

From El Faro, we believe that we must intervene in our society to try to correct social inequalities suffered by thousands of children in Catalonia. He sensed this need, January 5, 2004 was opened ... Open Moses Center. Metaphorically, the biblical story of Moses tells the story of a Jewish child born in "difficult times" of slavery. His mother had to leave on the river in a basket to avoid assassination ... The river took Moses to the feet of Pharaoh's daughter who was bathing and seeing decided to adopt ... so God wanted Moses out bran…"

From El Faro, we want to help children and families. We believe that every human being has the right to enjoy a dignified life and quality. Therefore, the project aims to provide an opportunity to "get out of the flow" to children who were born in difficult circumstances and deserve the opportunity to live a dignified and fulfilling life.

As an entity, we recognize the right of every child to an adequate standard of welfare to ensure their physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development (Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 27).


What are our goals?

We believe that children have the ability to overcome adverse situations if they find positive references of which sprout affection and love.

The educational process we offer is aimed at building spaces of hope in which we can intervene positively so that the child has the opportunity to recover from difficult situations and / or traumatic. In this regard, we direct our intervention.

We know that not always achieve the goals we set, but nevertheless, we will work tirelessly to achieve and facilitate the integration of children in society on an equal footing.

Our goals are:

Prevent, detect and act in situations of risk and social conflict that can be found in children and adolescents. FFacilitar the integral development of children and adolescents user of the open center from the pedagogy of everyday life. Favor the acquisition of personal autonomy of each child / to promoting the development of competencies and compensation of socio-educational deficiencies.

To facilitate understanding of personal reality and promote the development of the capacity for action of educators in this situation. The programs we develop in this task intended to meet all the needs of children and their families.

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