The Mission in Mozambique

Tracey Williams is the daughter of the late George, and Sylvia Williams.

Tracey's own account -

Having started adult life as a teacher, God quickly stepped in to direct me to missions - which has now been part of my life for 15+ years.

It has been a growing experience but I know it’s the greatest way to learn dependence on Him!!

I first made my Christian commitment 6 months after my mum died.

I’d been taken to church most of my life but strangely, when everything was pulled out from under my feet, that’s when starting to trust began!

I trained as a grade school teacher in the UK but God quickly directed me to missions, again in the realisation that I had to trust Him to direct every step of my path. So, my “path” has included 5 years in Brazil (as a teacher to MKs with Wycliffe Bible Translators), a stint in Eastern Europe with SHARE, and now 5 years in Zimpeto, Mozambique.

Out of my own brokenness and healing God has called me to be a “repairer” and a “restorer” and now, a mother to the motherless.

I have the privilege of living that promise and call through caring for 40+ “under 5s” in our Baby House and wouldn’t swap it for anything! which is affiliated to the Evangelical Free Churches of America.

The centre caters for about 500 children who are either orphans or whose parent's can no longer care for them. In particular, Tracey works with babies and very young children.

Up to Date Journal from Mozambique (please click)zimpeto

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The children often arrive at the centre in a very bad way and Tracey and her colleagues work hard to help the little ones recover their health and to develop.

Tracey came to see her parents in Spain and took some time to show a slide presentation of her work. There were some heartwarming stories with before and after pictures of the little ones. Sadly, however, they cannot save all the children that come to them and some have died.

Tracey's work is made all the more difficult by the uncertain political situation in Mozambique and the vagaries of the weather which has led to widespread flooding in recent months.

La Siesta Evangelical Church supports Tracey with prayers and as well as financially. Please do keep Tracey, her colleagues at the centre and especially the children in your prayers.


From Newsletter 232.

March Musings from Maputo – aka Tracey’s news!

Oh my goodness, where do I begin this month! I’m sitting here on Easter Sunday afternoon, not only reflecting on today and God’s eternal goodness, but looking back over this past month which has been totally crazy and wonderful and full and busy and ….

I determined to get up at sunrise and sit on my porch this morning and read through the Easter story. As I did (well JUST after sunrise!!), the phrase "deep in wonder and full of joy" jumped out at me and so, through today I’ve been processing the "wonders" that have been part of life – and realising that, although I may not always be seen to be ridiculously/hilariously manifesting joy – I sense the joy of life deep within.

This month I have been blessed with two lots of visitors. A slightly crazy plan but who am I to say "no" to people who want to come and share in my life and my home!

March 3

Ken and Sylvia Cunningham and their daughter Naomi arrived – with an extra suitcase of goodies for me and the children – including the first dent on Children’s Day necessities! They quickly immersed themselves in life here and experienced everything in 12 short days. In the midst of their time, Mario and Carolina moved out of the baby House to join my household so I am now back at the "perfect dozen" figure!

They have a fairly horrific life story and although they just turned 4 yesterday, Carolina is the size of an 18 month old. They are c a l mi n g down and slowly responding to love and boundaries – pray for an incredible healing in their hearts!

We also celebrated the birthdays of Gloria, Igor, Rabeca, Sergio and Xadraque – so quite some cake!

 Ken and Sylvia treated me to two nights in Kruger and then we stayed in Nelspruit for 2 nights before they left for Cape Town (envy, envy!!). I headed back after a stint of shopping and then 2 days later received my next set of visitors – Mark and Audrey and Stella from my home church, Lifespring. Again they came laden with goodies for everyone – and an impressive supply of walnut whips and mini crème eggs!! Mark quickly got roped into sound system repairs (busman’s holiday) whilst Aud and Stella helped me in the Baby House. Although the temperatures are still over 30C we are anticipating the arrival of winter so have been kitting everyone out with winter shoes, tights and warm sweatshirts – lots of which came in the gifts!

I had another 2 nights treat in Kruger – time to chat and again got to see the "Big 5" – plus an amazing encounter with a pack of Wild Dogs. I could wax lyrical about Kruger suffice to say it is one of my favourite places on earth – just an amazing snippet of creation. Just being able to "go" and have some down time was very special.

Whilst in Kruger for the 1st time our newest arrival came, Amelia. She is not so "little" but was in pretty bad shape physically when she arrived. Three weeks on she is only just opening up – but huge improvement in her physical condition.

Last newsletter I asked for prayers for Inercio and Gloria – especially with regards their eating. Gloria is still proving fickle but has gained some weight (and turned 3!!) whilst Inercio has finally turned a huge medical and spiritual corner and is making up for lost time! To say we are thrilled is an understatement. Here he is enjoying his Easter chocolate!!

Recently I had a visitor ask me about "the miraculous". They were referring to signs and wonders, seeing the deaf hear or the blind see and asking if that really happened. I know it does but for me, seeing Inercio "chose life", seeing Gloria celebrate her 3rd birthday, seeing Mario and Carolina learning to trust again, watching Sina and Felismina grow …. These are "my "miracles – and I think my definition is bigger and wider than the signs and wonders.

I do struggle with MY life here. In recent weeks I have really had to do battle with my feeling of inadequacy – of not being good enough, of being a disappointment. Dad’s death and some of the subsequent events pushed those buttons – but then this morning I am reminded again that it’s not me, it’s HIM.

He is found in the depths of me, He IS my rock, He IS the one I have to lean on. This life isn’t about me and "being good enough" – it’s about HIM – HIS strength, HIS ability. HE is the miracle worker and I get to be hands and feet and hugs and tears, and arms and cuddles.

So now April approaches.

 Tomorrow Maria and Amelia (another set of twins) will celebrate their 3rd birthdays; I will write the monthly shopping list and life will head back towards a routine again.

I currently have a "work contract" submitted to the Ministry of Works, with the hope that my residency renewal will be on a work contract (with Iris) NOT under the church. Lots of pluses to this change of category in terms of my developing role on the base so please pray that it is accepted and quickly (My visa renewal is due May 10th).

Thank you for your continued support and encouragements.

As Easter rolls to a close, I want to close with some of my favourite "song" words….

 Because HE lives, I can face tomorrow".

Hallelujah, my miracle working God is alive so let’s go April!


Tracey xx


Tracey has been very busy of late and has not managed to write a long report but she is in contact all the time so here are some of the snippets of her news since the last newsletter.

Feb. 11th. 2013

Meet Inercio. he is 16 months old and really needs your prayers - just not thriving or loving life and it's all a bit of a mystery!

Feb. 12th, 2013

I heard this afternoon that EUGENIO, a little 5 year old boy who lived in my house last year (with his twin sister Marta) disappeared from his house on February 2nd. He was/ they were re-integrated to live with their grandmother on Jan 24th so he had been "home" for only 10 ish days. He wasn’t too excited to be going so we really don’t know if he ran away or simply got lost in a neighbourhood he doesn’t know.

My mother’s heart is broken tonight – so very selfishly, please pray for me, This is a 2nd "toddler" reintegrated that I am dealing with where news is "not good". Hard not to feel the "if only"…. And feel to blame!

BUT, me aside … PLEASE pray for Eugenio. He has been "missing" for 10 days. He lived for 2+years on the centre so is not very streetwise/ community savvy. In the last few nights there have been huge thunderstorms and heavy rain… what if he is out on his own. What if he is in a hospital …. He will only know his name as Eugenio Sara!!

Tomorrow a small team of us will go to his neighbourhood to hand out "Missing" posters Laura has helped me make tonight. First we will take a photo to the TV station to have his details broadcast.

This needs a MIRACLE - and I know God is capable, Some of you will remember when a little girl from the Boccaria went missing for a month - and was found! So I have to have faith!!

Tonight I’m scared and I’m hurting –so can only "part" imagine Eugenio’s feelings.

Lord, protect him wherever he is and keep him safe until we can all be reunited.

Feb 13th. 2013

I am overwhelmed and overjoyed - WE FOUND EUGENIO earlier this afternoon after a long, emotional morning! Details to follow

EUGENIO was found earlier this afternoon in a government children's centre. He was in good health, had been taken there sometime last week by the police. Tonight he is back with his sister and grandmother - please keep praying for him as the trauma of the last few days heals.

Feb. 16th.

(Concerning the collection taken at Fiona’s funeral) I have already gone out and bought a small slide and have just found a small bench seat that I want to put up as a more permanent "reminder" . One thing I also want to do is replace/buy mosquito nets as many of ours are in need of repair – we have a lot of mosquitos now because of all the rains!

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