Due to the unseasonably cold weather on the Cost Blanca we waited and waited for an evening that was warm enough to take the youth club to the beach.

Eventually we chose the penultimate Friday in May by which time we figured the sun would have had to have made an appearance and, sure enough, it didn’t fail us.

We met at our usual place on the beach in Guardamar and had a fantastic programme of games set up……popularly known as “Beach Olympics”.

This includes Capture the Flag, Sumo Wrestling, Wheel Barrow Race, Obstacle Relay and many other old favourites.

The funniest site has to be Sumo Wrestling which involves everyone starting together in a circle trying to throw out everyone else. You would think that the bigger lads would win this hands down but, once again, it was brains (and beauty) over brawn.

Jen bided her time, watching the young men throwing each other out for them only to realise at the end that they’d thrown each other out and left Jen in! Will these young men never learn!

The photos show the two teams in Capture the Flag behind their respective flags.

capture1 capture2

We are fast approaching the end of our year when everyone goes off on holiday. The last youth club meeting will be on June 14 and we will reopen in September. However, on July 10 we all come back together for our day trip to Terra Mitica and we will make sure we have a full report and photos in the August issue.

Also, we will be producing and selling Christmas cards again this year and we are aiming to get them on sale by October. They are an important part of our fundraising and we know you will all be putting in your orders. Thank you in advance for your generosity. We are always looking for ways to raise funds and all ideas would be welcome.

Further information about the youth club can be obtained from Maggie on


As reported in a previous edition of the Newsletter, thanks to the generosity of our youth club supporters, we have sufficient funds in the kitty to organise some special trips for our young people.

The first has now taken place and was a trip to Xtreme Paintballing in Campoamor. Having booked it for April 27 we figured we could pretty much rely on the weather. However, this was not to be.

We spent a nervous day before watching the forecast whilst getting drenched from what must so far be the wettest April on record on the Costa Blanca. We woke up to yet more rain in the morning and the leaders received frantic calls and messages from our members asking if it would still be on. Then our prayers were answered and out came the sun!

When we arrived it was in glorious sunshine. The kids got togged up and off they set onto the battlefield.

Slide 1 Slide 2 Slide 3 Slide 4

Prepared for Battle !

There were eighteen young people so two teams of 9, one blue, one red. Unfortunately the leaders had to stay behind battle lines so photos of the actual battle are limited. However, a quick summary would be that….the brave went forward all guns blazing regardless of personal safety.

The rest hung around their base station firing randomly at nothing in particular. The only game to have an outright winner was when Austin from the blue team used a “human shield” of a member of the red team who had been captured and forced his way into the red team’s home to capture their flag.

Now You See Me – Now You Don’t!

Then the rain came down! Whilst any sensible grown up would think this was a bad thing the young people thought this was amazing.

They ended up covered in paint that was dripping from their heads, faces, uniforms, right down to their shoes. They were cold, wet, and very happy.

The leaders were just cold and wet! All-in-all a great time was had by all and the stories of wars fought and battles won will no doubt be told and retold many times.

We look forward to our next trip to Terra Mitica in July… this space.

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Having kicked off 2013 with a new invigorated team of youth leaders, we wasted no time getting active. First off was a trip to Quesada Mini Golf. As usual the owners allowed the youth club to enjoy their facilities at no charge. Our young people enjoy going to the minigolf centre and, once again, the competition was fierce. In the end one of our longest standing and highly competitive girls, Jennifer, was the proud winner. The photo shows Jennifer lifting the trophy.

The following Sunday saw the youth club trekking round the campo of La Siesta on a sponsored walk. The end of the walk was timed to coincide with the start of the All Age Worship Service at the church during which the young people were able to witness and, for many, share in Holy Communion. In advance we had explained to the young people the significance of Holy Communion and how they would be sharing in the body and blood of Jesus and following in the traditions of the Last Supper. The sponsored walk was a great success and the young people raised a total of 640€ for youth club funds.


Having raised the money we asked the young people how they would like to spend it. The most popular suggestion was to go paintballing so this has been booked up for April 27. In addition, on many occasions the young people have requested that we have a day out at Terra Mitica in Benidorm. So, we have bitten the bullet and decided that we will take them for a day in July, yet to be decided. Once again, this trip will be fully reported on in a later edition of the newsletter.

And finally, our two planned trips will just about wipe out our funds. So we need to raise some more. If anyone owns or knows of a bar, restaurant, or other place frequented by the public which would be willing to host a raffle or other fundraising activity on our behalf, please let me know.

Any information about the youth club can be obtained from Maggie Dew on

A Busy Month for the Youth Club

The Youth Club concert on November 11th was the day that revealed the many faceted talents of la Siesta Church Youth Club´s young people. There was singing, dancing, playing of musical instruments and comedy.

Something for all the family. The young people rehearsed for many weeks and you were amazed at what talent we have in our midst! The show started at 7.30 pm in the church and ended around 9 pm.

You´ll be pleased to hear that the youth club continues to thrive and we now have more than 25 young people on our register. The winter months are always a challenge to us to find things to do indoors or that can be done outside in the dark. Thanks to the elders, we now often meet in the actual church, having long since outgrown the roundhouse. The young people are very respectful of the facility.


On Sunday March 6 the young people of La Siesta Church Youth Club spent the day at Ghost Academy of Performing Arts learning how to sing, dance, make music, perform and generally have a good time.

Maggie Dew, youth club leader said, “Our young people have a lot of talent but many do not have the opportunity to show off those talents. So, when we were given a substantial donation from Quesada Mini-Golf we thought about how we could best spend it to give our young people a fun day out, whilst helping them show off and develop their talents. We approached Ghost Academy of Performing Arts in Villa Martin and they were delighted to prepare a whole day of activities exclusively for our young people”.

The day started at 11 am and the young people attended workshops on music, dance, drama, musical theatre and much more. At the end of the day the young people performed a taster of what they had learnt, for parents and youth leaders. Ghost also recorded a DVD of the day and the final performance.

Kerry Carlton-Senior from Ghost Academy said, “The young people were a delight to teach and they all responded well, no matter what their level of ability. At Ghost we specialise in identifying talent and making the most of it. We hope the young people go on to build on what they learnt today.”


When asked what they had thought of their day out, the general consensus was summed up by one of the young people who said, “It was amazing. I love singing and dancing and I felt that Ghost really helped me. Thanks Ghost and thanks La Siesta Church Youth Club for making it possible. I just wish we could go there every week!”

Following the success of the day at Ghost and the revelation of the vast range of talents held by the young people, the youth club is to hold a concert at La Siesta Church.

The photograph shows the young people and their trainers at the end of their day at Ghost.

St Valentines!!

Last week we decided to honour the forthcoming St Valentine´s Day, which is really made for young adolescents. Back in the roundhouse we provided loads of card, paper, pens, stickers, etc and told them to make a Valentine card. You may think this would be beneath the older ones but everyone had a great time. The big question was who was going to receive the cards? Who knows?


The Youth Club restarted on the 19th September 2008 and is led by Allister Mathieson assisted by Maggie Dew and James McAllister. It is open to young people aged 11 to 16 and we meet from 6.45pm to 7.45pm each Friday in the Round House.

If you know of any young people who may like to attend either bring them along on any Friday at 6.45pm or telephone Allister on 966731212 or Maggie on 966762264 or 693513678 or e-mail on

Activities include sports, trips, games, bowling, crazy golf and other activities decided by members.

If you are a young person (or know one who would be interested) then just come along any Friday and join in. Everyone is welcome.

The Youth Club along with the Church Choir successfuly held “An Evenings Entertainment” in the church on Friday 22nd October 2010 . Proceeds raised €640 for church funds.

The Youth Club had a fantastic end-of-year. First of all we sold 184 Christmas cards making a profit of 131€. To this must be added 60€ from the sale of cribs made from recycled material by Lloyd. We were also presented with a number of private donations totalling 65€ and have received 120€ from the raffle held by Quesada Mini-Golf (so far). Given the economic crisis this is an amazing contribution to the Youth Club and were are very grateful to all who have given so generously.

Thanks to this generosity we were able to take the Youth Club out twice in December. This is really important during the winter months as the Roundhouse is simply unable to accommodate 25+ adolescents!

Firstly we went to the Ozone Bowling Alley. The young people had a great time and the trophy for highest score was won by Evie.

On our last meeting before Christmas we took them to Quesada Mini-Golf where, as usual, the owner Rick Mentessi allowed us to play free of charge. Following the game we had our Christmas meal in the Mini-Golf restaurant which consisted of a festive burger and chips! At the meal we presented Evie with the trophy for the best mini-golf score….if she carries on winning everything we will have to ban her!

We also presented Lloyd with a certificate and selection box for “Outstanding Contribution to Fundraising” in recognition of the three cribs he has made and sold for Youth Club funds.

Inside Church

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